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Work created and exhibited at SomoS Art House,  in Berlin, Germany.

'Working primarily within the mediums of painting and embroidery, Emi Brener aims to convey moments of human intimacy, nuance and experience. Always having felt supported creatively by the vibrant LGBTQ community, life as a queer woman born and living in Uruguay largely influences the artist’s work.

Inspired by borrowed thoughts and emotions, Brener looks to expose the vulnerability of the human experience through the meshing of written language and painting, while also highlighting the way we use our bodies to interact with one another. The results are paintings that often depict fragments of the human figure, never showing the entire body and some even applying a distorted close-up viewpoint, further deepening the work’s sense of intimacy.

Her latest work is a project about human intimacy, presented through a combination of embroidery and oil paint, based on deeply emotional pieces of writing, including love letters, confessions, journals, private diaries, and suicide notes, in order to capture many aspects of human emotion, from the romantic to the dark, all of which show vulnerability, and embroidering them onto the canvas. The text is then painted over, visualizing the notion of one’s thoughts being just under the skin. The technique of painting over embroidery creates a sense of subtlety, encouraging the viewer to take a closer look and make their own personal connections to the works.

Under the Skin presents us with an intimate portrait of human vulnerability, and encourages us to look closely at the work both with our eyes and our minds.'

Under the Skin: Text
Under the Skin: Selected Work
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